How to conserve your positive, feminine energy (especially when surrounded by energy vampires)

"Like attracts like", this is the rule of the Law of Attraction. And while I believe and know this to be true, I also believe "unlike" is  attracted to opposite energies as well. I do not quite know why this is but I am learning to recognize the "unlike" energies so that I dont get caught up in their antics, thus allowing them to suck me dry and waste my own.

Case in point:   a few months back I fell out with a peer; we no longer saw eye to eye so I decided to walk away from the relationship. My ex-peer was not happy and began to say and write mean things about me. For the most part i did not respond and when mutual friends contacted me I mostly gave vague statements in reference to the spat and said I would rather move on from the relationship than stay in a space of anger, hurt or unforgiveness. The tool of avoidance worked wonders for me and helped me conserve my postitive, feminine energy during a really difficult time.

 In the list that folows I wan…

Tuesdays are for trying something new!

November 1, 2017 Miami, FL

Yesterday I met up with a new group of ladies for breakfast; it was such a lovely experience.
On Sunday my children and I visited a new church; we recently settled in Miami and are in need of a church home pronto. I am a firm believer in getting connected as soon as possible to a strong network of Godlovers as soon as I move to a new place; it not only helps my own relationship with Jesus but it’s just good to be around others who love Christ as much as I do.
Small groups are the lifeline to any thriving church. It is how members are able to build relationships and stay plugged in once the Sunday sermon is done. I signed up me and my children for small groups and was pleasantly surprised to receive a call from Abby on Tuesday morning.
During the call Abby told me about women’s group on Thursdays and then invited me to breakfast with her group at 10am. I immediately turned it down: “Oh no”, I said. “I have a few things to do today so I won’t be able to ma…

Setting Boundaries

Today I want to discuss boundaries.  Are you good at setting boundaries or do you just give hugs to everyone who asks? Do you have them? How do you set them? When is it a good time to teach them to your children?
Recently there was a school-related issue with my daughter and a boy at school. At first his behavior was mild towards her, even semi-cute but then he became overly aggressive.  He. would follow her around, stare at her, chase her after they got off the bus and try to touch her butt or give her hugs.  I told her to be vocal with him, to let him know his behavior was not okay. She said she did, but he just kept on doing what he wanted.
I also requested that my dad or my son wait at the bus stop for her so he would have no opportunity to bother her. They did and it worked, but the boy still made her uncomfortable. One evening I decided to wait for her myself and I saw him attempt to hug her. I called her name and she and he walked toward me, I told him “She does not belong t…

The Flight

Today after running an errand, I returned to my father's house and found a dead baby bird in his driveway.

It didn't look run over, just still and very much dead. Maybe a cat got to it? Or it froze to death in the cold? Maybe its mother neglected it?   Whatever happened, this little baby bird's flight has been permanently suspended and that's a shame.

 Don't let others interrupt your flight.

You are going somewhere amazing and great; you have plans and ideas. Don't let others interrupt your flight.

You know that where you are is not where you stay; don't let others interrupt your flight.

You refuse to get distracted and thereby settle for less: don't let others interrupt your flight,

How do "others" interrupt out flight and what exactly is this flight?

The flight is the place where your destiny lives. It is the journey that leads you to become the woman you were ALWAYS meant to be. Family and friends say you've changed, but that's an …

Friends or Wound Buddies?

Recently me and a friend were conversing and I discovered that our conversations had taken a negative turn. Instead of sharing fun plans, swapping exciting stories and praise reports we were stuck in a conversational rut; griping about the same things we always do but in a negative manner. After our hour-long vent session,  I got off the phone and headed to my car…and noticed my rear tire was almost flat (seemingly out of the blue!). Without a word, I took a breath, silently apologized, and then gave thanks. I had attracted this event (Law of Attraction was in full effect).
Today as I was taking my morning walk I thought about the previous day’s conversation with my friend. I love her dearly and would not trade our friendship for the world but as women we have wounds and when we converse we often share our challenges and struggles because we find solace in each other. But there is a fine line between being friends and being wound buddies. Wound buddies are those we connect with because…

A Thousand Lives

August 20, 2017 6:10 PM
By the time a woman reaches middle age she has lived a thousand lives…and probably died a thousand deaths. This sentiment came to mind the other day after I’d finished reading Amy Tan’s ValleyofAmazement, a not so quick read I’d come across in this apartment I’m renting. Business is slow and wifi is inconsistent so I had plenty of time to read a novel. But ValleyofAmazement is not just a novel, it is a fascinating tale of a mother and a daughter on separate but equal journeys to love, happiness, fulfillment, each other, and self.
After I finished reading I couldn’t help but think of my own life and all the “women” I’ve been over the years. When I was 13, I was the young woman who lost her mother to heart disease. When I was 18, I was the woman who got pregnant and had to drop out of college. 8 years later I was the woman who beat the odds and completed graduate school with two children…and so on and so on the story goes. Every year or few years, a different mi…

Say Yes

“To give oneself over to love and marriage is to say yes to death” ~Thomas Moore, Care of the Soul

You cannot stay 100% you and be in a love relationship; there are parts of you that must die for the union to live. The sooner we understand and accept these points, the better our relationships will be. Besides marriage being a merger of two hearts, it is also a merger of two wills, two personalities, two identities and two Beings. That is a lot! Attempting to coexist as a couple with all those extra things would make anyone claustrophobic. But if I prune my stuff, and my husband prunes his stuff and then as we draw closer other things just fall away, we are both in a comfortable space to give, take and receive as needed.
Another element of this is like attracts like. So, in many ways I have attracted a mate who is much like me. If I am selfish, stubborn, prone to jealousy, independent, and impulsive, I can expect these traits to show up in my mate as well. I once had an argument with m…