Shaking Up The Norm

Pretty soon holiday music will be blasting from mall speakers and someone somewhere in North Dakota will be enjoying some "chestnuts roasting on an open fire". People in Florida will still be wearing flip flops and shorts but we will all be in the Holiday Spirit nonetheless. It's the norm. Before saying goodbye to 2018 and hello to a whole lotta holiday debt may I challenge you to find ways to readjust yourself and your life so that you are transforming into a better version of YOUrself as opposed to conforming to the version of those around you? There is still time: time in the year, time in your day, time in your life. There is still time to live your best life.

When me and my children left the States and relocated to Paris, everyone around me was in an uproar. I was shaking up a norm and they did not like it. There was no malicious intent in their concern, I know. But if I had given in to their protests, I would have stifled my growth and blanded my story. You see, n…

How to Forgive and Move On

Am I an expert on forgiveness? Nope
Is that fact gonna stop me from sharing my experiences with you? No way!

I understand how hard it can be to forgive. I understand that forgiving others and moving on past the hurt and past the tragedy can make you feel weak, victimized and further taken advantage of.
I know many, many, many people have written about this topic so there is nothing new to say about it.

So I will not try to convince you to forgive. I will just share a bit of my story instead:

Back in  2017, on another blog platform,  I shared a blog post about my issues with a group I had joined. I shared the blog post because I felt that staying silent would mislead other women. I wanted them to read my truth and then make their own informed decisions.

But many women still had questions and my inbox overflowed with their inquiries. It was overwhelming and I went on a serious hiatus from Facebook. I also unfriended and blocked several people who I’d befriended from my time in the grou…

The Sacrifices We Make

Do not let your children live in ignorance of your sacrifices….
“I will literally go hungry so that you can eat” 

I recently said this to my children because I had become tired of the teenage angst moments: you know, the sighing, eye rolling, foot-stomping, under the breath moments that typically come with teen years ( I wrote typically because teen angst may come earlier or not at all; it is not to be expected or feared, but rightly confronted if it does appear).

I had just told my children to eject a movie they’d set their sights on watching. It was R-rated and totally inappropriate, so they were asked to eject it ( I didn’t buy the movie and it’s not my house, but it was my place to prevent them from watching it). They huffed, puffed, whined “whyyyy??” and upon ejecting, I heard some mumbling under the breath. I was hurt. Why? Because I would do anything for my children: rescue them from a burning building, stand in front of a moving bus, go hungry so they could be fed, stop them …

Compassion is in Session

Dear Feminine Woman,

You must teach your family to be compassionate. Compassionless children, compassionless husbands, compassionless family members are the number one cause of stress, tension, anxiety and depression in women. This is not a scientific fact, but I would put money on it.

A husband who lacks compassion lacks the ability to truly connect with his wife.
Children who lack compassion cannot share, cannot empathize, and cannot relate to anyone’s needs but their own
Family members who lack compassion will convince you to prioritize their desires over yours and their needs over your own often. You will be made to feel guilty (and possibly even alienated) if you do not.

Compassion is defined as “sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it”. Synonyms include kindness, mercy, humanity, kindheartedness, sensitivity, understanding, benevolence.

I want a husband who alleviates my stress. I want a husband who notices my stress! And I want my ch…

10 things every radical feminine woman needs to know (part II)

6. Manners are essential. Don’t be a Moody Judy, not in text, talk or mannerisms. Like mama used to say, if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it at all. Treat people like people, not as tools to be used and then disposed of after usage. Address your mom, sister, husband, hairstylist or coworkers with a  friendly greeting BEFORE making a request. A simple, “Good morning, how are you?” of “I hope your day is going good” goes a long way.  The people we interact with need to know that they matter to us. We cannot assume they know this all of the time.
When out on a date and you are bored out of your mind? don’t be rude to the guy. Excuse yourself from the table, visit the restroom and give yourself a pep talk, sing a song, do a dance, say your gratitude list out loud, something! So that when you exit, you feel better.  Determine to be polite, cordial and kind for the remainder of the date; however, it is perfectly fine to excuse yourself early from a date to attend to an “em…

10 things every radical feminine woman needs to know

The Transformational Femininity Webinar (my first webinar EVER!) was a HUGE success! It was an honor and a blessing to share with such radical women.
I do hope you'll join us for the next one!

Okay, now for our post....

1. There is no real growth without a significant investment in your  personal development. Pay for that coaching session, attend that seminar, buy that book, listen to that podcast. There is so much information available out there for you to grow your business,grow your wealth, grow your perspective, grow your relationships...a radival feminine woman knows that she must take advantage of those tools to grow herself so she is not left behind in life with a bunch of regrets. 

2. You are a brand, represent your brand well (from your mouth to your mood). "I am a Global Teacher and Wealthy wife who lives in Paris, France". This is what I tell myself every single day before I leave the house. So I dress like it, eat like it, exercise like it, teach like it, spend a…

Your Feminine Legacy

Your femininity is deeper than pink dresses, pretty lipstick and cute nails. And although marriage is uber important to you staying in feminine energy all your years, that hubby can't make you feminine. He cannot make you nurturing. You must have those skills on deck when he meets you (ever read Proverbs 18:22? The woman is already a wife when he finds her).

What will your husband, daughters, granddaughters, sisters, nieces, best friends or even clients say about
your femininity? Is that a thought for you? Do you care?
If your first thought is no, let me help you out.
How people remember us
when we are gone is how they know us while we are here.

Having trouble convincing others
that you are NOT a superwoman? Or super strong? That you are not an ATM or payday loan
office? Or that somethimes you DO need a rest or a break?
How can they know this and even
value this about you if you are always showing them the
If you want to stop being viewed as the provider or the protector of your …